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These are our two boats. This is our space to document how I repair these boats. Its how I go through the process of Purchasing and fixing these broken things. I will document the process of how I step though the troubleshooting and the tools required to get these back running. I work nights and weekends to get the work done. Understand that the time is also part of the overall investment. There are points in many of my projects that I get completely overwhelmed. Many times I have to step back breathe and realize I’m not doing the impossible. My 1st engine rebuild was my 2005 Sea Doo RXT (Oscar). It required learning new things which are not always easily comprehended by me. I’m a visual learner, and I make a bunch of mistakes. I’ll try and point those out. Learning is the process of making mistakes. So don’t be to critical of your failures, you are learning. The reason for doing this is to help people who need a source for this information. I hope this provides that!