What I’m working on

What I’m Working On – Currently

Here are the projects I’m working on currently. It may involve something new, something old, or whatever project we are looking to work on next. There is a lot going on and some of these projects are taking up a lot of valuable space that I need to recover.

2006 Sea Ray 210 Select – Project I’m Working On

2007 Sea Ray 210 Select
2007 Sea Ray 210 Select

The Sea Ray 210 we bought back in November started but there is a list of issues we need to sort through to get her sea-worthy. You can follow the blog of how we are progressing. In Brief, the Current issues are:

  • Sea Ray 210 Select
    • Water in the motor somehow
      • Heads are redone / still have no idea how four gallons of water were in the engine
        • Suspect Bad Flapper
        • Suspect Bad Head Gasket / Improper Head Installation
    • Bad Wiring & Instruments
    • Various Cosmetic issues

This is the largest motor I have ever worked on so the task at hand is daunting to say the least. This motor is four times the displacement of the Sea-Doo Jet Ski’s and Boats I have worked on.

Additionally, I have made some progress with removing the intake, risers, and starboard head. Lastly, there is nothing obvious here yet about how water got into the engine.

  • Status Updates
    • As of April 29th 2021, I’m now in the process of reassembling the motor
      • Cylinder Head Installation

1999 Yamaha 2000 LS – The Next Project I’m Working On

1999 Yamaha 2000 LS
1999 Yamaha 2000 LS

Keep in mind the 1999 Yamaha 2000 LS I bought about two years ago. For the most part, I have been apprehensive about working on this boat. Subsequently, I have a particular aversion to two stroke and carbureted anything. In short, the original plan was to replace these engines with two four stroke VX series engines. In brief, the current issues are :

  • 1999 Yamaha 2000 LS
    • Two bad motors
    • De laminated fiberglass hatch cover
    • De laminated fiberglass Jet Drive Clean out
    • Upholstery is a bit of a mess

As a result may just fix these two engine’s are the other three issues and sell it or raffle it off for charity.