Past Projects

I tend to like to take on calculated risk and challenges. Additionally, I started this whole process in the fall of 2018. It all has been a learning process with me building momentum up to more complex issues. I will say that electrical issues are the most complex of any of these issue to diagnose.

At some point I need to figure when and if I’m ever going to stop doing projects. Additionally, working on projects tends to take away from having down time. At this time I don’t know how to do work like balance. I’m clearly, not succeeding in this area. Secondly, I tend to take on one to two projects a year. Lastly, I will say the larger the project the longer it takes.

Our Past Past Projects

So these are some of the projects I have done in the past. So, they are ordered from oldest to newest. I will add content on a regular basis. You can see that I have a few Sea Doo’s. Everything below was non functional when I bought it. I work on these myself. I have to improvise in most cases on how to do things that may require two people. Lastly, this is going to be a dynamic list.

  • 2005 Sea Doo Sportster 155
    • August of 2018 to October 2nd 2018 (Electrical and Oil Change)
  • 2005 Sea Doo RXT (Oscar)
    • September 4th 2018 to March 15th 2019 (1st Rebuild – Supercharger Failure)
    • July 30th 2019 to April 8th 2020 (2nd Supercharger Failure, Oil Switch)
  • 2008 Sea Doo GTX (Blue)
    • September 4th 2018 to March 23rd 2019 (Rebuild)
  • 2004 Sea Doo RXP (Carl)
    • March 29th to April 14th 2019 (Rebuild)
  • 2007 Polaris RZR 900 EPS (Blue Thunder)
    • April 16th to June 20th 2019 (Rebuild)
  • 2005 Sea Doo RXP (Green Machine)
    • Complete engine rebuild May of 2019
    • Instrument Cluster Repair & Rebuild