• 2007 Sea Ray 210 Select (Piparella)
  • 2000 Silverton 352 MY – (The Nauti Oar)
  • MerCruiser Alpha One Gen II Trim Sender
  • MerCruiser Warm Stop Condition
  • MerCruiser Water Ingestion

MerCruiser Alpha One Gen II Trim Sender

So there is an error for the Trim Limit Switch, it’s a 130 Error at startup. Additionally, there are some posts that say I can do this without removing the outdrive. I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of maneuvering around the gimble to get the bolt that holds the plug for the sensors. So I will attempt to take the outdrive off of the gimble. It looks…

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MerCruiser Warm Stop Condition

Troubleshooting the MerCruiser Warm Stop Condition So we are now to the point of either sorting out minor issues or dealing with a larger one. Up to this point, there have been a few challenges. The latest is the MerCruiser Warm Stop Condition. We changed the oil and oil filter after we ran into the issue last week. I’ve replaced the oil pressure switch and sender. The SmartCraft Four in…

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MerCruiser Water Ingestion

Testing for MerCruiser Water Ingestion So up to this point, we have rebuilt the top end in my 2007 Sea Ray 210 select. Additionally, we were not able to definitely identify where all the water in the engine came from. I suspect a myriad of issues like wrong or used head gaskets, used head bolts, and improper head bolt installation. In addition, we found a bad exhaust flapper and the…

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MerCruiser Electrical Gremlins

As of Wednesday, April 28th we got her started. So on Saturday, May 1st, I decided to start tidying up the electrical by wire tying things in place. I also want to remove the alligator clip that is being used as a ground. This is where things take a turn for the worse. Additionally, this is where hindsight is twenty-twenty. So I find a nice place for the ground on…