1999 Yamaha LS2000

1999 Yamaha LS2000

It’s been a project for a while!

This Project has been sitting around for a while. I have an aversion to anything two stroke. It has been sitting out since the fall of 2018. This is what she looked like when I first got her. I got her from Jimmy the same year I got Oscar and Blue operational for the season.

I’ve been toying around with pulling the two engines and replacing them with two VX160’s or VX110. I’ve been looking for a complete ski that I can transplant them into this boat. I need all the wiring harness and the ECU’s, so just an engine won’t do. I don’t think it’s viable option considering I may end up with an Yamaha SX 230. It’s basically this boat.

So I’m going to rebuild these engines, clean it up and sell it. As you can tell I have a collection / space issue. So I need to get this one ready for spring, or I’ll own it till next year.

I also have to get the Sea Ray 210 Select fixed. It may be more of a challenge than this one. We moved her to the small storage unit so she is now out of the elements. This is right next to the shop, but we didn’t have the space to work on it till we go the shop.

Balancing work and projects is rather tough since the onset of Covid and the additional work that has resulted from that.

Two-Stoke Engines (135 HP)

This boat has two one hundred thirty-five horsepower two stroke engines. The prior owner removed the oil injection, so it has to be mixed in the tank. It also has carburetors, four of them per engine. I dislike carburetors with a passion. I spent weeks working on a carburetor issue on a 2000 Kawasaki 1100 SXT.

I sold that and a 1997 Sea Doo GTX as fast as I could get them working. Those two were around for two years too. I was able to straight trade the SXT for the sister ski (Magenta), a 2008 GTX to Blue. It has a bad supercharger.