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It’s been a while since I’ve posted , and winter is just around the corner. So, I got an opportunity to work on 2007 Sea Doo GTX that has been broken for quite some time. Additionally, it appears that the ECU has been replaced. This Sea Doo is an odd one, it has a very specific software or firmware. Furthermore, starting somewhere in 2006 Sea Doo, changed the display , electrical components and several different engine components. So, it’s not just a straightforward process of swapping out the Sea Doo ECU and programming a DESS key.

Sea Doo ECU – The diagnosis

Firstly, we have to figure out what’s going on with the 2007 Sea Doo GTI. When the key plugged on the DESS Post, we get a long beep, and a P1513, and a myriad of P600 errors on the display. Secondly, the engine will crank, but won’t start. This was the initial complaint. So, Be aware that the P1513 will prevent the engine from starting. Additionally, it also means the display is not paired to the Sea Doo ECU. Furthermore, the Can Doo Pro I have is not capable of pairing a display to the ECU.

So the Sea Doo ECU paring to the display is a dealer kinda of thing. Secondly , I’m not up for having the dealer do this. If I didn’t have a customer job that could potentially pay for part of the tooling I need.

Sea Doo ECU – Tooling

Firstly, I have a Can Doo Pro. it’s rather limited, and I only have fifteen licenses. Secondly, It can’t do the display pairing. So, this, leads me down the road of something called the BUDS diagnostic tool. It took me hours to figure out if this was a legitimate product.


I started on Amazon and eventually ended up at power sports diagnostics. I couldn’t figure out the licensing initially. So, Be aware, all the Amazon products come with a one year subscription. Yes subscription, so this might be a deal breaker for those of you who need this functionality in limited capacity. I have eight Sea Doo’s and three in the queue for repair.

Furthermore, the licensing comes in dealer, and megatech. For example, what I’m doing, I’m going with just a dealer tech license. Additionally, my friend Jimmy has a couple of BUDS 2 interfaces with no software. He works on these for customers, so we are going to buy licenses for those interfaces if this actually works. He does this as a business i, I do not have a business plan to support this nor the time commitment.


So, that being said, I decided on a the following hardware and licensing.

  • The BUDS 2/3 hardware
  • The ECU Runner (flashing off ski)
  • BRP DESS interface for 4-Tec
  • BRP Power interface
  • All dealers/ dealer technician 1year

This was bought and purchased online after speaking to someone about the licensing. Be aware, this will ship from outside the US. It did not come in the box pictured , but that really doesn’t matter to me.

That all being said , there are a few, other sites that look and feel like this site, but seem to be defunct. But I ended up at a site that had ECU flashing product call DIUS-4. Do your own research, my result was positive, but it definitely had me thinking before purchasing anything.

Sea Doo ECU – DIUS 4 Flash

So I ended up on the Sea Doo forum. Additionally I see some back and forth thread about people who have been re-flashing ECU’s with different software/ firmware. Again, do your own research, you are going to need to understand the hardware and software versions.

There is a website that appears to sell the hardware as well as the firmware. What you will need is the following.

  • The DIUS-4 software
  • A BUDS 2/3 interface
  • A PC/laptop laptop
  • Optional ECU-Runner
  • The correct ECU / Software

There is a cross reference chart that has the firmware I’m need.

420665781 – 2007: 155HP GTX STD, RXP, GTI. – 664965

Firstly, 420665781 is the software, 664965 is the ECU hardware that must match.

This is the original firmware

Additionally, the original firmware/software is for a 2006 GTI as well as a few boats. Furthermore, this year had a MPEM , which this Sea Doo does not have or support. One of the codes was a MPEM communication error.

Sea Doo ECU – Flashing

So a bit of back and forth and ~53 dollars later I had a file in the DUS4 Flash container. I hooked up the ECU runner up to the ECU/ECM. It’s a bit janky, but in the future I’ll put the pins into a Costal Connector.

So, It was pretty straightforward from here, hit reflash button at the top. The ECU runner worked like a charm. No need to worry about the ECU going into sleep mode on the sea doo. I would definitely recommend this device, since it has its own power supply. No need to worry about power supply issues either. Five minutes later and I was done, successfully.

Wrapping things up

So after taking it off the bench and putting it back on sea doo. After powering up, and pairing the display, there were no codes present on the display and I got the traditional double beep with the key on the DESS post. One oddity is that it didn’t require me to pair the key. Furthermore, This may be a function of installation of the software. Don’t know though.

So one of the issues is now addressed, but the no start condition still exists. We will address this in the next series. This is related to timing or fuel. I did some preliminary troubleshooting. Without the right ECU hardware/software and tool we can’t l get it to start. till next time

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  1. hello I see you have experience with reflashing the seadoo ecus. I also see how confusing the companies out there . I work on a bunch of skis on the side. I am a airline a/p technician as my full time job.
    I have the candoo pro and it works well .It does everything but reflashing . I am trying to get into remapping also but that is in future. The main thing right now is I need to install correct firmware on the ecus i have for the particular ski. Can you share the equipment you used and pricing
    Thanks Howard Fritz

    1. Hello Howard. Thank you for the question. I have a bit of experience, as a result of needing a solution and not having to rely on sending someone an ECU. It can be rather frustrating and confusing. I have a Candoo Pro, but that has limitations. I bought a BUDS 2 system with the bench test rig that they sell and the external power source. I will eventually put those pins into a costal connector. You will also need DIUS 4 flasher and the correct firmware for the hardware. I’ll track that all down and reply or post it . All of this seemed sketchy, but I was able to sort through. You can reach out to me directly at

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