Sea Doo ECU

December 9, 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve posted , and winter is just around the corner. So, I got an opportunity to work on 2007 Sea Doo GTX that has been broken for quite some time. Additionally, it appears that the ECU has been replaced. This Sea Doo is an odd one, it has a very specific software or firmware. Furthermore, starting somewhere in 2006 Sea Doo, changed the display ,…


TBD Smartshunt – Battery Monitoring

TBD SmartShunt
September 10, 2023

In one of our installments, we decided to monitor battery voltages. Although I thought this was going to do it. Additionally, I decided I needed a little bit more data than just voltage. So I would like things like charge rate, discharge rate, and current draw. Furthermore, I was going to build this with an INA219 current sensor, a 500 AMP shunt, and an ESP8266. So I hopped on to…


SeaTalkhs Plug and Play

September 23, 2021

So we are going to discuss some technology that is on “The Nauti Oar“. As in part one of our how to on the installation of a rear camera, and using the Axiom 9 RV. We discovered a few technologies that have been integrated into this boat. One of these technologies is SeaTalkhs Plug and Play. Firstly, this is basically Ethernet/Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Additionally, We also found that…


Nissan NS5B Outboard Repair

Nissan NS5B Outboard-1
August 17, 2021

So on the fourth of July, we went to take Pippi & Rocket to the shore. This was our first attempt to start the Nissan NS5B Outboard we got with “The Nauti Oar”, the Zodiac Tender, or “Eustace”. It would not go into neutral to start. We bypassed the lockout mechanism, not too smart but we wanted to see if she would start. The Outboard would start but then would…


Vortec Head Tech

Vortec Rocker Arms
April 1, 2021

So this post is all about Vortec Head Tech 101. I’ve learned a lot about this engine, especially around these Heads. So as I was installing the heads I ran into a bit of a conundrum while putting the rocker arms on the studs. Vortec Head Tech 101 First, Carefully look at the top picture. This picture was taken before the starboard head was removed. Secondly, you will see that…