RayMarine Rotary Rudder Transducer

Rudder Transducer
August 23, 2022

So we are about eight months into 2022. First, we need to get back to starting the Autopilot install and the first step is to get the RayMarine Rotary Rudder Transducer installed. Secondly we worked out getting our fuel tanks to show up on the RayMarine MFD by using a YDTA-04N. It was not worth the hassle of trying to figure this out on the Arduino. Additionally, we have been…


Arduino Voltage Sensor – (Part Six)

Generator Voltage Sensor
August 15, 2022

So it been a while since I’ve blogged about anything related to the boat, and the Arduino Voltage Sensor, Fuel Sensor. Regardless, what I have done since the last time was to get a tank sensor working. I got frustrated and decided that I was just going to buy a tank sensor from Yacht Devices. Primarily. because I wanted my analog gauges to work as a backup. Further more this…