Oil And Water Draining

I Started with Draining the oil and water from the cooling system. As stated prior, I do not want to start this motor again until I get the old oil and water out and find out how it got there. This oil is thick and won’t pump out. Luckily there is a quick drain line, or what ever you call it. Into a five gallon bucket it goes.

Oil filter removed, It should not be that color, but I know there was water in the oil no surprise!

Talk about slow! So it took over a week to drain the oil/water. Luckily impatience did not kick in. There was about four and a half gallons of milk shake where there should have been four and a half quarts. So definitely an issue with water getting into to the motor. This engine is full of rust for now being a fresh water boat and being worked on.

I spoke the to outfit that re-powered the boat. Its a brand new engine, risers/manifolds and related labor to the tune of five thousand dollars. In total the previous owners sunk over fifteen thousand into her. The out fit said the last owner was having an issue with a misfire. The guy that worked on it told me to bring it back, it might be a bad bent valve or head related issue. This is not about paying someone to fix this, its about doing the work myself to find out what is going on. Plus, how else am I to get the knowledge necessary to fix it. The internal combustion engine is not all that new. Now that being said, I will pull all the plugs to determine what I see there. Lets see what that reveals.

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