2007 Sea Ray 210 Select

So this is the start on the 2007 Sea Ray 210 Select. We think we got a bargain and purchased her right before Thanksgiving of 2020. Only time will tell if we did. So we bought her to see if we can save / have her ready for April of 2021. This is to replace the Sea Doo Boat our first project. It is way to small for this lake and the wake of the lake. It’s a fun boat, but way to small. Also the weight distribution is off and leans with one person. This boat may be to small likewise but its five feet longer than the current boat. Sea Ray also measures the length from the water line not bow to stern. This may actually be a 24 or 26 foot boat.

This is a very nice boat. Optioned , this boat is worth over twenty thousand. Found this on Facebook Market Place. We paid a fraction of the price because of the issues. A boat is only worth what someone is willing to pay. We set our top price in advance. Do your research and use logic to dictate your decision. We had been looking for a Project boat for most of the summer. There were lots of boats we found that were broken and over priced. The post on Facebook said it had a cracked block, the gauges need replacing and don’t work. We know there is water in the oil from speaking to the current owner and visual inspection of the dip stick. There are two new automotive batteries in the boat. The current owner suspected it was not properly winterized last season and the block cracked. The background of the boat is that the boat sunk in Florida, was bought form a auction, moved to the Pickwick area and re-powered by a local outfit. I’m either the third or forth owner of this boat. She needs an owner that can take care of all the large and small issues. That is going to be me. There were a few things that were not replaced and some things don’t all work like the SmartCraft Gauges, lights, horn. She started which means the ECU and some of the wiring works. I would have not bought her if she didn’t start. Most of the wiring is ruined from saltwater penetration into the harness. The wires are rigid and black from the ones I have looked at. I’m not going to start her again till I drain the oil and find out where the water came from. I’m going through the process of finding out where the oil in the water came from. There are a lot of odd things that have been done to the boat since it sank. The wiring is a mess with plugs just open and wires and leads just laying around in the engine compartment. The same issues at the helm. The Hull looks to be in excellent condition, minus the fact that it needs a good detail. So, step one drain the oil!

So I’m going to approach this from a tactical approach starting with :

  • Drain all the old contaminated oil
  • Inspect Plugs to see if there is something going on in the cylinders
  • Preform a Leak down test
    • Pressure test the block
      • Find out where there is a water leak into the oil
  • Pull the intake manifold
    • Clean an paint the intake
    • Replace rusted hardware
    • Check the lifter valley for cracks from freezing

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