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ECM 555

MerCruiser Electrical Gremlins

As of Wednesday, April 28th we got her started. So on Saturday, May 1st, I decided to start tidying up the electrical by wire tying things in place. I also want to remove the alligator clip that is being used as a ground. This is where things take a turn for the worse. Additionally, this is where hindsight is twenty-twenty. So I find a nice place for the ground on…


The MerCruisers First Start

So up to this point we have disassembled and reassembled the top end of this MerCruiser 5.7 MPI engine. We were trying to determine the cause of gallons of water in the oil of the motor. Additionally, we unable to concretely determine the source of the water ingestion. I much suspect it was a combination of multiple issues from not using the correct head gasket, not using the proper sealant…

Pre Intake Manifold Install

MerCruiser Intake Manifold Installation

Pre MerCruiser Intake Manifold Installation This is the process of preforming MerCruiser Intake Manifold installation. Firstly, there are two Manifolds because there is an upper and lower intake. Before installing the lower intake, we have to finish setting the valve lash. Below is a chart I found of what valves have to be adjusted depending on whether cylinder one is a Top Dead Center (Black Circles) or Cylinder Six (Ed…

MerCruiser 5.7 Cylinder Head Refreshed

MerCruiser Port Head Reinstallation

Steps to MerCruiser Port Head Reinstallation In preparation for MerCruiser Port Head Reinstallation Firstly , we have finished installing the Starboard Cylinder Head. It’s the same process for the Port Cylinder Head as with the Starboard Cylinder Head This is the process of the MerCruiser Port Cylinder Head Reinstallation. Secondly, I made a mistake and did not read the instructions for torqueing the head bolts. Thirdly, there is an additional…

Horn, Starboard Docking Lights Re-Installed

210 Select Electrical Rewiring

We are starting some of the easy stuff related to the 210 Select electrical rewiring. First, we are going to focus on the horn, docking lights and navigation lights. They are at the front of the boat and I need to determine if I have to re run new wiring. Up to this point I have been primarily working on the engine. I spent several hours cleaning out cylinder head…