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MerCruiser Port Cylinder Head

MerCruiser Port Cylinder Head Removal Process Port Cylinder Head Removal – Exhaust Manifold We will start the MerCruiser Port Cylinder Head Removal by removing the wiring to to “Lube” bottle. Much to my dismay, the label came off the wiring! Maybe its because the boat sank in saltwater? Secondly, we will remove the exhaust manifold bolts and coolant connection on the manifold. there are four long 14 mm bolts that…

Starboard Cylinder Head Combustion Chamber

MerCruiser Starboard Cylinder Head Removal

MerCruiser Starboard Cylinder Head Removal The next step is the MerCruiser Starboard Cylinder Head Removal. Up to this point I have Drained and Oil, Cooling system , Done a Leak down test, removed the Starboard, exhaust Manifold, Port Riser, Starboard Riser, Upper and Intake Manifold. Nothing is Evident, that is why we are removing the Starboard Cylinder Head The basis of the original hypothesis of why there is so much…

Starboard Port Head Valve Cover Removed

MerCruiser Starboard Cylinder Head

MerCruiser Starboard Cylinder Head Removal Items – Alternator Mounting Brackets To see how we got here, you can see what we have done prior to this point. We just got through inspecting the lifter valley. To this point we are still not able to determine why there is a tremendous amount of water in the oil. We started under the assumption that there is a crack in one of three…

Mercury 5.0 MPI lifter valley inspection

MerCruiser lifter valley

Lifter Valley Inspection MerCruiser lifter valley lifter Inspection So to get here required removal of a lot of items. This turned out to be a lot more complicated than just “Remove the distributer and Intake”. So the mystery deepens. A quick inspection of the Mercruiser 5.0 MPI lifter valley indicates that there is no obvious sign of cracking. Additionally, There is a lot of rust on the intake ports on…

Mercrusier 5.0 MPI Engine

MerCruiser Intake Manifold Removal

MerCruiser Intake Manifold Removal Process -Starboard riser and exhaust manifold removal Process To Summarize the intake removal process, we are going to start the by removing the risers and exhaust manifolds. Starboard Throttle Plate, Interlock, and Injectors Harness Removal First, start by removing the throttle plate and related parts. Next, I disconnected all the injectors from the wiring harnesses. Secondly, I remove the electrical connectors. there is a grey clip…